Take a peek at her work and soak up her tips, so you too can make some stunning photos, animated GIFs and GIF Movies with our Sun Lens app.

  • Make like a ghost

    This is too easy. Just shoot a scene. Then shoot the same scene again, but with one item, person, dog (whatever) missing. Spooky!

  • The Floating Effect

    The trick is to shoot your friends mid-jump. It’s all about timing. As long as you catch them in mid-air for every frame, you’ve got it.

  • The Illusion of Speed

    If you want to create the illusion of speed, use fewer frames. An animated GIF that flicks between 2 or 3 frames will appear faster, even though the frames per second is the same.

  • Hold Steady

    Holding the camera still is key to shooting a smooth animation style. Try and keep the exact same point of view for each frame and turn on the ‘onion skin’ feature to match up each shot.

  • In a Spin

    Once you’ve mastered keeping the camera steady, experiment with changing the angle, or maintaining the angle and circling around your subjects for a 360° effect.

Making GIF Movies

This unique feature - we call them GIF Movies - means you can string together lots of animated GIFs to make super long animations. Check out Cass Bird's creation above for inspiration.

Inspired by Cass?

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